One Hour Classes

 Student's will take their dancing to a new level of focus and concentration. Time will be spent improving their technique, working on musicality and enhancing their performance quality. A student’s placement in these classes are based on their ability, not the number of years enrolled in a dance class. Our developed curriculum for each discipline will determine which class level each student will be assigned. We strive for each student to excel and reach their full potential. Below are the details of each class and style along with specific requirements for each class. 



Note: New dancers and transfer students interested in our T/J through advanced level classes could be subject to a multi-level class evaluation to ensure proper placement.The student would attend several different levels of a same dance style(s) for evaluation.The instructor will decide which level is appropriate for the student.We will notify you if this is necessary. 



(Intermediate-Advance) Students will continue to work on the fundamentals of the Jazz technique and improve upon their strength and flexibility.They will explore the characteristics of isolations, syncopated rhythm and stylization; learning how the technique has been influenced and transformed over the years. In class, students will begin with a full body warm-up, practice technique across the floor and learn choreography. Requirements: Any students advancing into our Jr. and Sr. levels are required to take a one-hour ballet class. 



(Intermediate-Advance) Students will learn and explore rhythm and sound.They will challenge their coordination and learn how to control this fun instrument.Through combinations and floor work, students will learn new terminology, intricate rhythms and personal style. 



(Beginner through Advance Ages 6+) Ballet is known as the foundation of all other dance styles. Students will study this classical technique through barre work and center floor combinations.They will be able to improve their strength and control as well as their balance and flexibility.The ballet technique will teach students about poise, posture and grace.The Jr. and Sr. levels have an hour and a half class. 




All students must attend a preliminary meeting with their parent to discuss our pointe program. Requirements are as follows: 
• 4 years of Ballet experience
• Ages 12+ (or by teacher recommendation determined by body alignment,  leg,      ankle, and foot strength)
• Commitment to extra ballet classes during the week including a Saturday 2 hour class requirement
• Must pass ankle evaluation for flexibility
• Must pass pointe test- given in November or December each year                      
•Each test has specific requirements that will be discussed at the meeting



(Beginner -Advance) Lyrical Dance is an expression of Ballet encompassing flexibility, extension, and control utilizing the lyrics or mood of the music.Therefore Ballet is mandatory prior to and during enrollment in this style of dance.The ability of each student will determine their placement when and if they are ready to begin this class. Requirements: One- hour Ballet Class 



(Intermediate-Advance) Contemporary combines the elements of Ballet and Modern dance, using influences of Jazz and other styles. Students will explore Contact Release, Fall and Recovery, Floor Work, Improvisation, and Partnering Lifts. Requirements: One- hour ballet class with Jazz enrollment or One-hour ballet class with Lyrical enrollment. 



(Intermediate-Advance) Students will learn a combination of improvisational practice and technical history. Students will be guided through improv to develop confidence and creativity as a dancer. Modern’s cutting-edge history is also explored through the study of choreographers (past through present) and their individual style. Requirement: One-hour ballet class. 

Street Funk


(Beginner-Advance) Street Funk is a form of Jazz that involves isolations, specific body movements, advanced coordination, and intricate Jazz footwork.The ability of each student will determine their placement when and if they are ready to begin this class. A Jazz class is mandatory for Level 1 through 5 Street Funk students.T/B 2 students on up are eligible to enroll.


Flexibilty & Conditioning


The purpose of this class is to promote strength and flexibility for all populations with the use of resistance balls and dyna bands. It’s very athletic, stressing proper body alignment, cardiovascular tracking, as well as slow and steady flexibility training. Class starts with a strenuous warm-up followed by a brief stretch. Then with the aid of balls or dyna bands, the remainder of the class is devoted to focusing on individual muscle groups to strengthen and stretch. Modifications are given for each exercise and we are equipped with balls and bands of different size, resistance level, and weight to fit your needs. Because this class encourages the dancer to cross train- the option to add circuit training, partner work, and the use of other equipment such as jump ropes, hula hoops, mats, slides etc., is also a part of the class. Class attire is comfortable clothing, bring sneakers and a towel to lay on for floor work.


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