Alumni of Premiere...Where are they now?

Graduating high school signifies many upcoming changes in a student's life. It's always an emotional part of our Annual Concert when we say "so long for now" to our senior students. We spend countless hours watching them grow and mature as dancers and as individuals. Whether or not they go on to pursue an education or career in the arts, we hope that their experience at Premiere has contributed, in some way, to the success of their dreams. Our alumni are a true reflection on us and our team at Premiere. We are so proud of their accomplishments! It's always a joy to see their smiling faces come back and visit us through out the dance seasons, some even now have children of their own training with us!



We thought it would be a great testament to check-in on our Alumni to see how Premiere has influenced and shaped their lives. 


I was born to perform! My mom, Miss Patti, opened the doors of Premiere when I was 8 years old. I didn't discover my true passion for dance until my teen years, when other activites started interferring with my dancing schedule. Entering my senior year of high school, with the blessing of my parents, I homeschooled myself so I could pursue auditions and training in New York City. It was far from easy. I decided to continue my dance education at Cedar Crest College where I was a member of the Cedar Crest Dance Company. After completion of my freshman year, I decided to leave school and focus on making dance my career. I attended 48 auditions until I booked my first gig and signed with Clear Talent Agency in NY. From there, life took off and I was dancing after it! I performed countless times in Atlantic City with Moxie Entertainment and toured with PUMA during the launch of their Olympic line. In 2008, I was cast in the Lifetime Television reality show "Your Mama Don't Dance!" A documentary/competition show looking into the lives of professional dancers. The catch, I had to dance with my DAD! It was the most amazing life-changing experience and to make it even better, WE WON! Later that same year I accepted a job dancing in the stage-show spectacular JUBILEE! and drove across the country to be a Las Vegas showgirl. I only intended being away for 6 months. BUT, I met a guy and fell in love! Needless to say, I never left. (That "guy" is now my loving husband!) I continued to climb the ladder of entertainment. I worked closely with Mike Moloney Entertainmet in conjunction with Celebrity Cruise Lines as a choreographer and rehearsal director. A few months in, I accepted a contract dancing on-board the Celebrity Century in Europe and the Caribbean. Upon returning to Las Vegas, I had the incredible honor of joining the cast of Jerri Mitchell's PEEPSHOW where I gained Equity status! Aside from my steady jobs, I have had the priviledge or meeting and working with some incredible celebrities such as performing with Marc Anthony and Pitbull during the Latin Grammy's. My most recent adventure has been the most challenging yet! I am currently a Ballroom Dancer and lead "Dreamer" in LE REVE-THE DREAM at the Wynn Hotel . With a cast of 93, we perform 10 shows a week, 480 shows a year! Our aqua-theatre seats 1,600 people and includes a state of the art stage surrounded by a one million gallon swimming pool! Words can't express the amount of talent, atheltiscim and artistic beauty that grace this stage! We've been voted the "Best show in Las Vegas" three years in a row! 


I attribute the success of my dancing career to Premiere! My training and technique have been recognized and commended by teachers and casting directors all over the world. The knowledge of the instructors and the variety of styles I studied prepared me for the ever changing dance world! I learned how to adapt to choreography and I became confident as a dancer and an individual. The studio was a space I learned to let go. I discovered my emotional connection and learned how to express myself through dance, which has greatly contributed to my performance career. Premiere has been my support system throughout all my trials and triumphs! It is a place I will always call home! It's such a joy for me to see the powerful impact Premiere has had on the lives of all of their students! I am so proud to be a Premiere Dance Studio Alumni! -Noelle (Croner) Nielsen

Until 2008 I spent just about every waking hour that I was not in school at Premiere Dance Studio. Premiere became so much more than a dance studio to me. Over time it became my home away from home and my teachers and classmates became my second family. Premiere taught me so much more than how to point my toes and pirouette. Premiere taught me about passion, drive, determination, dedication, and team work. All of the amazing dancers that you see at Premiere are not amazing because they have teachers who are forcing them to be. They are amazing because they want to be. They spend countless hours every week in that studio because there is just no other place that they would rather be. That is one thing that I hope to never let go of. Upon graduating I went on to study dance at Temple University and graduated with a BFA in Dance in May 2012. During that time I danced with Dangerous and Movin’ Dance Company and Infatuation Dance Company. After graduating from Temple I had the opportunity to dance for DJ Diamond Kuts at the Fourth of July Party on the Parkway in Philadelphia, and I also started my teaching career at Christine’s Studio of Dance in New Jersey. In July 2013 I moved to New York City and am currently studying at Broadway Dance Center in their Professional Semester Program. To this day I still question whether or not I ever would have discovered my passion for dance if it weren’t for Premiere. It was an amazing place to grow up and the memories I made there will never be forgotten. -Danielle H. 

The most important thing I can ever say in my life is how special it is to have premiere as my second family. I would do anything to be able to spend everyday there doing what I love again. Premiere has helped me in so many ways. From helping me follow and pursue my passion; to teaching me what a second family. They have prepared me for always sticking to what you think is best and to not worry about what everyone else thinks. You always have to give it your all and show them what you got ! I've learned most of these helpful life tips from going into the "principals" office which was scary at the time, but now I can't cherish them enough. Premiere has taught me to always be a leader not a follower, and I know from being there for 12 years I'll continue to follow my passion for dance no matter how many times it fails. Currently I go to Montco and I'm planning on studying Psychology, I'm still not positive though. When I'm not in school, I work at Costco and try to find auditions for dancing jobs. Daniele H. and I auditioned for Disney Cruise Lines and I plan on auditioning for Disney again and again until I succeed. I cannot thank premiere enough for everything they have taught me and all the life skills I've gained. I love them so much and they will always be my second family.

- Monica R.


I always knew I loved dancing at Premiere, which was good because I was there almost every night of the week for several hours.  But I never knew after leaving the way Premiere would impact my future.  I learned so much by being a dancer not just from classes but from the teachers as well.  I did not continue dance as a career path, but once I got to college I was way ahead of everyone with my time management skills.  I could get ready, go to class, go to the gym, eat, go to dance practice and still have time to do homework and study; leaving my weekends open for some social time.  That's something a lot of people have a hard time grasping as a freshman.  Premiere also gave me enough confidence in my skills to tryout for the student run dance team at IUP, where I spent all 4 years as a member.  I held a leadership position on the team for a year where I was able to choreograph and teach our routines.  Being a dancer at Premiere also shaped me as a person.  I learned the meaning of hard work at an early age such as learning a new move or memorizing a zillion routines.  I learned there will always be people better than you at one thing or another, but everyone has their strengths.  I saw teachers and students come together as a family and grow together.  I learned to stay focused and dedicated.  The list is endless.  There's never a day when I'm not proud to say I was a dancer at Premiere Dance Studio.  -Paige W.

Currently I am a junior at Temple University studying risk management and accounting. Unfortunately, I am no longer actively dancing in a team or class setting. However, dancing at Premiere has prepared me so incredibly well for college by helping shape who I am as a person. Premiere has helped me develop my personal skills in addition to helping me become a confident young woman. I have been fortunate enough to become an officer of a student professional organization as well as a Diamond Peer Teacher for a Cost Accounting course within the business school. I hope to take up lessons again, if my schedule permits it, because there is nothing I miss more than dancing. 


P.S. Even though I've been out of practice, I still pulled out the best dance moves at my sister's wedding this past summer! -Frankie W.

Lessons learned in the dance classroom extend well beyond studio walls. These lessons begin with a young child's first dance class including discipline, following directions and overall classroom conduct. As a dancer grows, they develop traits they carry (using perfect posture, of course) through their lives: an ability to be committed and disciplined to setting then working towards and achieving goals, a keen awareness of one's body and their sense of self space and others around them, an appreciation for all things art, the ability to be creative and a precise understanding of the importance of clear communication.At Premiere Dance Studio, these lessons become more meaningful and impactful because the owners and instructors pass along their passion for not only dance, but for making a difference in the lives of others. Students gain a feeling of belonging, of being home. At PDS, I learned to dance technically at the barre and devotedly on stage, but more importantly, what I learned in the dance classroom taught me to gracefully glide through each day. 

-Katie Kaszmetskie (2005)

Dance was the focal point of my life for 15 crucial years.  While my career as a CPA now doesn’t lend itself to opportunities to showcase my dancing skills, dance, particularly my time at Premiere, played an important role in my success as a professional.  There were times I felt I didn’t fit in at school growing up, like many kids do, but dance was a place where I always felt I belonged.  Premiere was my second family and my home-away-from-home.  Dancing and performing taught me discipline, gave me confidence, and made me realize how important it is to do things you love.  Balancing a schedule filled with dance, cheerleading, and school, I learned to manage my time, prioritize, and follow through on commitments from a young age.  Performing also taught me poise, presence, and confidence in front of an audience.  Most importantly, the true happiness I felt when dancing and the support of my dance teachers, fellow dancers, and family taught me to pursue what fulfills me and to surround myself with people who are loving and supportive.  These traits translate to many different paths in life, so even though I didn’t pursue a career in dance, my current success in work and life wouldn’t have been possible without dance and my Premiere family. 

-Dana (Hoffman) Van Nostrand
Dana graduated from Boyertown High School in 2004 and from Rider University with a BSBA in Accounting in 2008 and MBA in 2009.  She currently works as an auditor with KPMG in New Jersey.  She lives in New Hope, PA with her husband Buddy and puppy Hank and they are expecting their first child in December.

Congratulations to our own Kassi Forster, and her amazing accomplishment becoming an Eagle Cheerleader. 

A graduate of Pottsgrove High School in 2012, Kassi started dancing at Premiere at the age of 3 years old, and she graduated with us as a senior. We are so proud of our girl, and thrilled that she was able to reach her dream!! Hopefully we can catch a glimpse of Kassi at one of the Philadelphia Eagles home games! We love you Kassi!! GO Birds!!!

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